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Cowabunga Waka Waka
Ninja turtles will eat pizza in all forms even pixelated dots as proven with this tank top from HUMAN ($27).
Pac Turtles Tank

Cowabunga Waka Waka

Ninja turtles will eat pizza in all forms even pixelated dots as proven with this tank top from HUMAN ($27).

The Dark Side of Tetris

Celebrate Star Wars Day with these Tetris meets Darth Vader t-shirts ($25) from We Love Fine. Save 25% off your order with the code MAYTHEFOURTH14 at checkout.

Stone Cold Leadership: Rock Type Gym Leader Hoodie

Show that you truly rock with this hoodie from Fangamer ($46). Also available as a t-shirt and tank top ($23). 

Poke Balls & Bones

After years of tweets, I finally got to meet the guys behind Cherry Sauce Clothing and Filthy Casual at PAX East. They had some of their new line at the show but now you finally get it online. I’m obsessed with this tank ($25) inspired by my favorite Pokemon meets Day of the Dead. It’s also modeled by the lovely Jess Nigri who is such a sweetheart so go support these awesome guys. 

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: Mean Girls Merchandise 

The 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls is worth celebrating. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite tees and tanks ($16.98-$25). Remember to live everyday like you’re Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco, you go! 

Monkey Business: Diddy Kong T-shirt 

Go grab yourself a batch of bananas and a red baseball hat and you got yourself a Diddy Kong cosplay with this t-shirt from Fangamer ($23). Grab a batch of balloons and you can pull off a Diddy Kong Racing cosplay. There really needs to be more Diddy Kong Racing love in the world. 

The Completionist Collection

Jirard Khalil and his team at The One Video Gamer is awesome. Not only does he make awesome video content but he one of the world’s nicest guys. Go buy one of his shirts ($17) over on the new official store and support his work. 

Chell Calling

I saw these Portal leggings ($32) from We Love Fine at PAX East and I want them so badly. They are perfect to throw on with a black tank when rushing out the door.

I haven’t worn a pair of leggings from them yet but The Geeky Hostess loves hers from ECCC. I’m definitely adding them to my birthday wishlist. 

Arwing Attire: New Star Fox T-Shirt from Jon Kay

Lead your team through the mysterious nebula of the Lylat System with this t-shirt ($23) by Fangamer. If you came by the Fangamer booth at PAX, I probably pushed this t-shirt on you. It’s one of my new favorites due to it’s subtle design and celebration of space travel.

You Got A Friend/Side-Kick/Enemy/Lover In Me: Geeky BFF & Couple Rings 

Do you have a partner in crime maybe your significant other or best friends? Show them how much they mean to you with these rings available on From The Internet on Etsy based on your favorite geeky TV shows, video games, comics, books or movies. 

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