Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped 2012 to be such an amazing year for PwnLove. A huge thanks to my readers, followers, anyone who has ever liked one of my posts, sourced me or reblogged a post. I can’t thank you enough for your individual support. 

Another huge thanks goes out to all the Tumblr Gaming Tag readers, editors and fellow bloggers for their amazing daily content that they provide to keep our community vibrant and top notch. Together we all make the Tumblr Gaming Tag such an amazing place to be. 

Thank you to OTL Gaming and the amazing staff (Josh, Eric and Billy) that challenges me to be the best writer that I can be everyday. 

A big thanks to all the wonderful vendors and shops who create amazing clothing and accessories inspired by our favorite games for me to feature everyday. PwnLove wouldn’t exist without them and I can’t wait to see what is imagined then, created in 2013. 

Thanks to my friends and family for their on-going support especially Mumsy, Padre, Mikaleagh, DJ, Lisa, LC, JT, Haggerty and Ashley. 

To sum it all up, you all rock and I salute you! Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Items Pictured Above: