Day 3: Of Ducks & Coin

I specifically got the 'Big Money' tank in Neon Green ($10) from 8 Bit Apparel so I could wear it on Game Days for my beloved Oregon Ducks. Luckily, 8 Bit Apparel completely understood since they are also football fans as seen with their 8 bit football helmet tee. Unfortunately, they were out of my size so I had to get a tank that was two sizes too big. If it’s green and yellow, I can make it work for my Ducks! 

Since I had to go to work today, I layered it white tank and a gray Abound cardigan from Nordstrom Rack to make it more polished and tone down the neon. I also paired it with dark skinny jeans and black, knee-high boots. I also decided to add some extra color in honor of Game Day with a yellow headband from American Apparel which is leftover from my Claptrap Halloween costume

If you like 8 Bit Apparel then, please consider supporting their expansion project on UFunded

Now, I’m off to watch the Fiesta Bowl. Go Ducks!